INDIANA Rubber & Plastics Company, Inc.

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Indiana Rubber & Plastics is a woman-owned small business enterprise.

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INDIANA Rubber & Plastics Company, Inc.
Prototype and short to medium run specialists.
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Custom molding without expensive tooling
Tool$aver prototypes
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Low cost tooling and affordable parts

Our mission is to make short-to-medium runs in plastics and rubber uniquely affordable. Our inexpensive tooling techniques for runs up to 50,000 pcs. may be excatly what you need.

Not every design is suitable for our unique approach but if yours is--and often we can offer design help to achieve this--expect tooling savings up to 70 percent versus conventional tooling apporaches.
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Materials without limits

We are the only supplier of U.S. made custom molded components we know of offering low cost tooling metods for BOTH plastics AND rubber.

Flexible and rigid.
Very hard to very soft.
Food grade.
Military specification.
And more.

Learn how you can obtain high quality molded plastics and rubber parts without expensive tooling

We are specialists in custom molded plastics and rubber in short-to-medium runs employing amazing, innovative techniques in affordable, low cost tooling.
We are an Indiana-based company specialized in custom molded plastics and rubber as well as molding alternatives.

We are also an alliance of companies dedicated to offering low cost alternatves to conventional molding without compromising quality, materials selection or performance.
Tooling and parts crafted in the U.S.A. with pride

(888) 457-5574