Custom Plastic & Rubber Extrusions

Less tooling cost - more choices - more parts

Custom extrusions encompass more than just profiles. A little imagination yields a part with surprising quality, economy and functionality.

Extrusion die costs are typically very economical and one extrusion method is ususally best for given profile, material and quantity. We’ll offer the best method for your requirement. Cut to length or continuous cure in bulk (in rubber and flexible plastics), it’s your choice.

We also offer unique precision extrusions which, cut to length make good precision washers and sleeves, eliminating more expensive lathe-cut with O.D. grinding. Mandrel curing is also available for rubber, which further improves precision for applications including but not limited to roller coverings. Generous secondary operations sometimes offer an alternative to custom molding.

Options and secondary operations include:

Adhesive tape applied – Color matching – Continuous or cut to length – Cutting, punching, fabricating – Precision cut – Printing – Splice vulcanization – Standard and custom profiles – Tape applied – Washers




Prototyping: 3-D printing, SLA, rapid molding, silicone molds.
Molded rubber: Compression, transfer, injection, LSR/LIM molding.
Molded plastics: Injection molding.
Die cut rubber, plastics and other non-metallics.
Extrusion: Plastics and rubber.
Lathe-cut rubber.
Machined plastics.
Bonded rubber to metal components.


High tonnage and large size platens offer unique capabilities for large parts
Plastics AND rubber.
Short run to high volume.


Lots of 25,000+.
Drive down the part price to the lowest level consistent with superior quality.
Plastics AND rubber.


5,000 to 25,000 pcs.
Find the exact right balance between tooling cost and part price.
On-site tooling means the exact right-sized mold for your part demand.


Plastics AND rubber.1-5,000 pcs. typical.
Amazing Tool$aver® low cost tooling methods.
Molding alternatives.
Vast selection of plastics resins and rubber compounds.


1-50 pcs. typical.
One seamless source from prototype to production.
Normal-to-rapid delivery options.